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Sustainable practices are vital for a business to operate smoothly, and as such, we ensure that all parts of our production processes uphold sustainable values.

Our brand tackles the negative environmental impact fashion commonly exhibits by only producing what is demanded by clients, specifically, starting production of a garment only after we receive an order. This business model translates into zero stock and zero overproduction.

Furthermore, as our process involves digital printing, the ink used is ecologically clean (water-based).

We exclusively source our raw materials from European manufacturers, mainly from Italy, Spain, and France. This guarantees a short and efficient supply chain, enabling fast delivery and minimal wait times for our clients and product development. Our garments are made with high quality materials that comply with strict European standards, ensuring durability and added value for our clients.

The manufacturing company of our brand is BSCI A-level certified. This accreditation ensures social compliance in the supply chain, labor standards, worker safety, and fair working conditions. We prioritize serving our employees and clients with accountability. We believe that catering to the needs of our people is an essential part of social responsibility, and we are committed to making it a top priority.